We are the platform which connects tech-experts and interviewees. On our platform you can pass a test interview and get feedback about your weak and strong points.

Yes, you can pass an interview in a real company. But let me ask you this. Could you do that any time you want? How much time will you spend looking for a suitable interview? And what will you get after the interview? So first you would need to find a vacancy. Then apply. Talk to a recruiter. Pass screening interview. All these steps are taking time and effort. Time and effort you could spend improving your skill set. Another important factor is the result of the interview. If everything went well and you got the offer - should you accept or decline? If you decline a couple of times you risk to be put on the black list. And what if you did not get an offer? After you fail an interview you will be definitely put on hold in this particular company. At least for the near future. Also you rarely will receive constructive feedback. By using our service - you will save time and efforts, and receive extensive feedback about your strong and weak points.

Absolutely. We do not require any personal data, except your email. Only you will get the result of your interview. We are not sharing any contact data neither about interviewee nor about tech experts without your permission.

Quality service costs money. You are buying time of qualified professional, who is capable of conducting an interview on the same level as a top european software company.

Let's say it’s a market price. Our experts are choosing their rate by themself and you are able to pick the one which suits you best. Also, we have our virtual expert Larry, who is willing to conduct an interview only for a 5$.

● Experience of passing a real interview.
● Extensive feedback about your weak points with recommendations on how to improve them.
● Video recording of the interview, so you can analyze it in more details.

On our platform is the place where experts of different levels meet. From Trainee to Solution Architects.
You are a student, who wants to start a career but afraid of real interview? Pass a test interview on our platform.
You are a middle developer, who wants to become a senior? We are waiting for you.
You’ve always dreamed of becoming a Project Manager? Our expert will help you prepare for the interview.
You did not change a company for a while and not sure about your skill set? Welcome.

Having a highly skilled friend is definitely a benefit. The thing is that by passing the interview on our platform you will get extensive feedback and recording of the interview for more detailed analysis. Also passing an interview with a perfect stranger will create much more similar experience to a real interview.

Our experts, who work in top software companies and reached senior level. We verify every expert by analyzing his linkedin profile and conducting a short interview.
Before the interview each expert needs to get familiar with training materials. It allows him to conduct a high-level interview and provide extensive feedback.

Everyone makes mistakes. And if so - contact us and we will resolve this misunderstanding.

Good interview - is the chicken and egg problem in the sense. In order to get good at passing the interview the candidate needs to pass N number of interviews. In order to get good in conducting the interview the interviewer needs to conduct a P number of interviews. If one of these criteria is not met the chance of failure increases exponentially.
So by conducting an interview on our platform you will:
● Improve your soft skills
● Stay in shape regarding you technical skills
● Make additional money :)

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Our virtual expert Larry - is a bot for conducting interviews. He can conduct a simple technical interview and provide feedback after it.

Larry is just a bot and he still is very much learning :) So don't expect much from him. The interview with a real expert on the other hand is as close to a real one as it gets. Real interviewer can ask additional questions to guide you towards the answer and adjust the interview according to your answers much more flexibly.